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A Modo Mio


A Modo Mio is more than just pizza and pasta – the Farruggio family has a rich history as immigrants to the U.S. from Sicily. Hailing from Agrigento, Italy, the Farruggios brought their Italian heritage and love of authentic flavors with them. The family’s first restaurant opened in 1978. Today, along with Chef Antonio Biglietto, we continue to bring an authentic Italian experience to Arlington.


In 1970, my family and I left our Sicilian hometown of Agrigento, Italy and settled in New York to pursue the American dream. With little money and hard work, we learned the art of making New York-style pizza.

Then, we confirmed that America truly is the land of opportunity when we moved to Virginia and opened the first Joe's Place in Bailey's Crossroads in 1978. With ongoing success, we opened additional restaurants, and in 2007 consolidated our operations in the Arlington and Vienna locations so that our family members could remain closely involved at each restaurant, and ensure the superior customer service we proudly provide each day.

Fast forward to today…

Over time, we've developed a reputation for the best Neapolitan pizza in town, along with a warm, friendly atmosphere and strong support for the community. Many of our staff have been with us for 10, 20, even 30 years. They and our many longtime regular customers truly are like family.

Most importantly now, with our Chef Antonio we continue to make real Neapolitan pizza, pasta dishes, sauces, and desserts with recipes we brought from Italy, and through all we have learned in this great country. Our food is prepared with love and care to be healthful and delicious.

A Modo Mio embraces the classic Neapolitan methods of preparing and cooking pizza, which is now recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. We use a custom made, hand built brick oven from Italy which is VERACE approved. We also share great pride in working with our master pizza chef, Antonio Biglietto, from Naples, Italy.

At a Modo Mio, you'll find that our menu is made up of homemade recipes straight from our family's recipe book back in Italy. We've created an authentic Italian dining experience right here in Arlington – no need to travel all the way to Italy!